Kristene Edwards, inventor of Invisi-Drain JP drain holder

Surgical Drains Made Easy

Invisi-Drain was the help I needed while recovering from surgery. Now you can have simple, effective Jackson-Pratt drain control, too.

A Message From Kristene Edwards

My experiences and determination have brought me here.

Like so many first-time entrepreneurs, my story as a business owner started with a need—and feeling inspired to design a JP drain holder that would help other people with similar needs. I’m an 11-year breast cancer survivor, and in 2021, I had to have yet another painful surgery. The procedure required eight Jackson-Pratt surgical drains to keep excess fluid away from incision sites, and they had to be worn for nearly three weeks after the surgery!

Eight drains were a lot to deal with. Beyond the pain they made basic daily tasks like showering, sleeping and changing clothes into annoyingly painful challenges. I found products to hold the drains that helped some, but no JP drain holder that I could wear under my clothes and in the shower, or use to get a good night’s sleep. I knew there had to be a better way, and the idea for Invisi-Drain was born.

I started designing and testing, tweaking versions and refining until I felt confident the design would provide future JP drain users with a holder that would improve their quality of life. In fact, Invisi-Drain improves surgery recovery and outcomes by preventing further incision site trauma when a drain gets dropped. It doesn’t just make recovery easier, it actually helps with healing!


Maintaining surgical drains while you’re healing needs to be as simple and effective as possible. With our JP and Blake drain holder, you’ll enjoy the privacy and freedom of wearing the clothes you love while taking care of your health.

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